The voice of God came out of the Heavens unto His servants even before the days of the Wunis, but in these days, it has come to certain of his Devoted Ones …
‘I am the Voice of God Who is the God of All Men and Ruler of their Hearts. I have many aspects and come differently to all men, I am the God of Many Faces. To you, My servants, I give these words that they may be carried to all men. Obey my commands and I will be your God. I will enlighten you and instruct you, guiding you along the way. …
‘My desire is for love rather than futile sacrifices of burnt offerings, but it should not be a passive love but one expressing service in my cause. A certain knowledge of right and wrong, with free choice of the former, is of greater value in My sight than pointless, ritualistic worship. I deprive no pleasure from the wasteful shedding of blood from bulls and lambs. I gain nothing from the fat of sheep and the flesh of goats. I am the Creator of All, so what can men give that would increase my greatness?‘” ~The Kolbrin Bible

It is not clear to me if this is truly God speaking, or a devil pretending to be God, but it doesn’t matter in this case because what He says is entirely true of the Real God.

The first sentence from the quoted section is an interesting one. It seems to be saying that at one time God spoke to everyone, but now speaks only to a few selected servants. Why would that be? The answer is simple: most of the people have become too materialistic to be able to communicate directly with God. Their frequencies are too low and they don’t know how to correct that situation, if they even want to. Only some true priests know how to raise their vibrations to the level that allows them to communicate with Higher Beings including God Himself.

When God starts talking, He says that he helps those who serve Him. Some don’t like this. They think God should not play favorites, He should treat everybody the same. That is a ridiculously naive idea of God and a ridiculously inflated idea of their own self-importance. God takes care of those who serve Him and essentially ignores those who don’t. It’s that simple, that basic. God wants to enlighten people so they can return to Heaven, but he doesn’t want disobedient, egotistical beings there. Only the perfected go to Heaven and they must serve God to get there.

And finally, we are told that God has no need for blood sacrifice, and that is certainly very true. Any god that demands blood sacrifice, whether animal or human, isn’t God but a demon pretending to be a god. Demons feed on blood, not God. It is self-sacrifice that God wants, not the sacrifice of innocent animals.

You might ask, “What about Jesus? Didn’t God demand that he be sacrificed?” The answer is no, He didn’t. It was not God who wanted Jesus dead, how could that possibly benefit God? The whole idea is insane. It was the false gods who wanted Jesus dead and the attempts of the Romans to cover for His murder that resulted in the ridiculous story that Jesus was killed because God wanted it so.


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