To avoid fear and negative emotion, the left brain may distract us by multitasking and jumping rapidly from one focus of attention to another, and another, and so on. As life becomes speedier and more complicated, there is more to pay attention to, and we must cover ten times the ground we covered a few years ago. This chronic overload can offer shelter from personal and societal negativity. Speeding, hyperactivity, and a short attention span keep consciousness on the surface, there is no chance for deep diving into emotion.” ~Penney Peirce

Rather than fear and negativity, I would say many people today spend all their time in various activities, usually ones that have little if any benefit, in order to avoid reality. Specifically, a part of them is waking up to the horrors of the materialistic world and they want to hide from that truth. There is also some deep part of them trying to tell them it is time to start dealing with their spiritual side, but their ego is pushing it away in any way it can.

I think that in fifty or a hundred years, when the young people are told of a time when the highest paid and most honored people in society were entertainers who pulled us into fantasy worlds so we could hide from reality, they will find it hard to believe. At least I hope it will happen by then.

The biggest problem with this hiding from reality is that it generally keeps us from developing out spiritual side. We are nearly all guilty of it to some degree, but if we become aware of it, we can work to get better. Here are some indications you are spending too much time on pointless activities in order to hide from reality:

  • You go see a movie every Friday or every Saturday regardless of what movies are playing

  • You watch TV even when there is nothing on that you really want to see

  • You play some sport or game that you don’t really like just to kill some time

  • You hang out in a bar, club, or casino just to kill time, or because your bored.

If you find yourself doing things like that, try changing gradually to replacing some of those activities with more useful ones. Go to movies that are realistic depictions of real life rather than fantasies. Turn off the TV if there really isn’t anything on that you want to do. Instead, take a walk in a park, go sit in a garden, or plant some flowers or veggies in a garden. Talk to your neighbors. And most important of all, spend some time practicing spiritual disciplines and techniques to awaken and grow your spirit and soul.


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