If you are a man and believe in the destiny of mankind
then say to yourself: we will cease to care
about property and money and mechanical devices,
and open our consciousness to the deep, mysterious life
that we are now cut off from.” ~D. H. Lawrence

    Many people today think that the great mystery schools of the distant past were just teaching a lot of superstitious nonsense or, at best, primitive sciences that we now understand much better so there is no need for the mystery. People today also believe that science and technology will solve all of our problems. And when one generation of technology fails to do so, then the next generation will, or the one after that. This is really just as much religious dogma as the Evangelist who still believes in the preacher who has predicted four dates for the end of the world and the first three were wrong, but he must be right this time. In fact, if you read the excellent book Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, you will see just how dogmatic scientists can be.

    The point Lawrence is making in the quoted poem is not that property, money or mane-made devices are inherently evil, but that excessive reliance on them is moving us too far away from nature and from our spiritual side, the spiritual truths that were taught in secret at those mystery schools. When you get so addicted to devices, property, and money that you can’t function without them and you really believe they are going to solve all the problems of the world, then you need to free yourself from them and get a grip on reality. The reality that allowed animals to run for the hills when a tsuname was headed for Indonesia long before humans were aware there was something wrong. The animals could sense something, even if they didn’t understand exactly what, that made them head for high ground. Humans should have as good an understanding of nature, but instead our reaction has been to build more technological devices to warn us. And so people think they are safe now, but what happens when these devices fail?

    Fortunately, just as the Aborigines of Australia can communicate over hundreds of miles without cell phones, the spiritual person can communicate with the spiritual and natural worlds around him and not have to rely on those technological devices.


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