Jewelweed is common throughout North America and is usually found in moist, wooded areas. Jewelweed is a healing herb known for it’s use to treat skin rashes caused by poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac as well as other skin problems. It is applied as a compress made with fresh, crushed leaves or as a tea used to rinse the affected areas. If you apply jewelweed after contact with poison plants before the itchy rash appears, you probably won’t get the rash at all. A study in 1958 found jewelweed as effective as prescription treatments for poison ivy, but some later studies disagreed. Juice from the stems of the jewelweed leaves can be used to stop the itching and swelling of mosquito bites, bee and wasp stings, and other insect bites. It also promotes blood flow and reduces joint pain. It is also sometimes used to treat bruises and swelling. The active ingredient in the popular hemorrhoid treatment Preparation H can be found in jewelweed indicating that jewelweed can treat that ailment as well. It is sometimes used to treat warts and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. It is also useful for razor burn and heat rashes. Some Native Americans used it to treat sore mouth. Some studies being done in Japan show jewelweed as a promising treatment for breast, testicular and prostate cancers.
    Jewelweed can be taken internally to fight mild digestive problems.


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