Fantasy is a wonderful thing. It allows us to exercise our creativity and, by doing so, occasionally come up with practical new ideas. We have to be careful though that we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy our fantasies so much that we start to confuse them for reality.
    You may think that there is no danger of that, but just look at the most admired and highly paid people of today and you will see that they are mostly people who bring a sense of reality to our fantasies. Actors, writers of fictional books, and those who play meaningless games for a living are those paid the most and admired the most. That is just one indication of how highly we regard fantasy. 
    In truth, we have already fallen victim to its lure. Religious and spiritual leaders have told us for centuries that the world we consider reality is actually a world of illusion and now that is being scientifically verified by the new science of quantum physics. The Aboriginies of Australia and others refer to it as the dream world.
    So what do we do about it? The first thing of course is to take a more critical look at the things we believe and accept as reality and as laws of science and we will see that things are not always what we think they are. Second, we need to stop listening to what other tell us is or isn’t real, and listen to our instinct and to God who never lies. But you must listen to God yourself and not rely on others (clergy) to do it for you.


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