Left and Right


    Many people consider the right hand to be, in some way, better than the left. In some places in the world, left-handed people like myself are considered odd, abnormal, or even evil. It is true that the left hand is different from the right, the right brain is different from the left and the right side of the body is different from the left. That doesn’t mean that one side is better than the other. We know that energy wise, the left hand receives energy while the right hand gives it so when we are trying to increase our spiritual energy, we primarily use the left hand to take in spiritual energy (along with our eyes which also receive energy). When we want to give energy to others, such as when trying to heal someone, we do it with the right hand. 
    Since the right hand is the giving side, some may consider it better than the left because giving is considered better than receiving, but consider this: if you don’t receive, you will have nothing to give. As far as physical activities go, does it really matter which hand you favor? Probably not. We usually end up being left-handed or right-handed partly because of what we are taught and partly by which side is our strongest.


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