The Fog

    This morning it is rather foggy in the Washington area.  As we all know, fog can restrict vision preventing us from seeing what we need to see.  This often results in accidents.  I think some of the worse accidents I’ve heard of occur in fog when a chain reaction results in fifty, sixty even eighty vehicles hitting each other in the dense fog (this seems to usually happen in California for some reason).  Back a few decades, a movie was made called “The Fog” that had a fog full of violently vengeful ghosts rolling into a small California town.  Usually, fog is not that nasty.
    Fog can be a spiritual thing as well as physical.  Fog can prevent us from seeing the goal of achieving full spiritual enlightenment, or Christ Consciousness.  It can even make it difficult for us to to see the path we need to follow to get there.  This is a complex fog made up of many things.  Some of it is generated by our ego which is afraid to loose control over us.  Some of it comes from our day-to-day responsibilities: our jobs, our children, our homes, etc.  Some of it is sent out by the dark beings of the forth dimension: the demons and devils who want us to worship them rather than God, and want us to be more and more materialistic until we destroy ourselves.  Praying, and working with a good spiritual teacher or spiritual school can help us see through the fog.  But–most important of all– the Sun of Righteousness is burning away the fog so we can see the path and the goal clearly.


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