Spirituality and Spiritualism

    In the eighteenth century, spiritualism became popular.  Some people still confuse spirituality and spiritualism.  They are definitely not the same thing.  
    Spiritualism was basically the study of spirits and ghosts.  It involved seances, ouija boards, automatic writing and other methods of contacting ghosts.  The rich and famous often paid sizable fees to these mediums to help them communicate with there dead friends and relatives.  Usually, these mediums were frauds, although some were very clever and convincing frauds.
    Spirituality is something very different.  While it too deals with worlds beyond the physical, it does so with a very different purpose.  Spirituality is not interested in studying ghosts or communicating with dead ancestors.  Spirituality is communicating with God, angels and being of Light.  It is each of us accessing a higher realm of existence.  It is each of us trying to awaken our Light spirit and achieve spiritual enlightenment.  Unfortunately, just as there were frauds in the spiritualism movement, there are frauds in the spirituality movement: people who are not really enlightened or particularly desiring enlightenment.  They are people who just see the spirituality movement as a way to make a quick buck.  So we all have to be careful when choosing a spiritual school or spiritual guru to work with.


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