You Have to Be Yourself

    In the news this past week was the story of a young married woman who is having relationship problems with her husband so she decided she was going to get radical plastic surgery to make her look like Kim Kardasian because her husband loves Kardasian.  Kardasian wisely told the women not to do it.
    Sometimes, we all think we would like to be somebody else.  We see a story in the news about a billionaire flying his private plane around the world and we want to be him.  We see some young starlet getting to star in a movie with our favorite actor and we want to be her.  We hear about a cat inheriting ten million dollars and we want to be a cat!    
    Of course, we can’t be somebody else.  The best we can do is disguise ourself as somebody else which is not the same thing.  So the wiser choice is to be ourself.  That doesn’t mean we can’t recognize that we are not perfect and can stand to improve, but we don’t improve by trying to be someone else.  We can emulate someone else, we can follow their example, but not try to be someone else (I really think Anna Nicole Smith doomed herself by deciding to be “The new Marilyn Monroe” rather than herself).  We change all the time and, hopefully, we direct that change toward improvement, but improvement of ourselves, not trying to be someone else.


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  1. Bill Bartlett says:

    Thanks Harold for some powerful insights here. The second noble truth of Buddhism tells us that we create much suffering when we try to be other than ourself, and then we discover at some level that even what we think of as ourself is also not so great, and limiting to seeing spiritual light.

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