Non-Violent is not Passive

    Many thing that Jesus was a very passive person because he told the apostles to put away their swords and not try to protect him.  But a passive person is one who takes no action at all, like the folks who pull out their cell phone and photograph someone being raped or beaten, but do nothing to help.  That is not the way Jesus behaved.  Jesus was non-violent, but not passive.  He would take action of a non-violent type when he saw wrongs that needed to be corrected.  He came to the aid of Mary Magdalene when she was about to be stoned.  He let his objections about the Pharisees and  Sadducees be known without being violent.  And when the priests at the temple announced the installation of a new idol to be worshiped that was in the form of a donkey, Jesus poked fun at the idea by riding one through town on what is now known as Ash Wednesday.  So don’t think that you have to be passive and ignore the wrongs of the world to be a good Christian, just keep your objection non-violent.


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