Matter and Light

    We have a lot of expressions that attest to the solidity of matter: “Hard as a rock”, “solid matter”, “rock solid”, and others.  But how solid is it?  Scientists used to say that space was mostly empty, but they have found there are some things in all that supposedly empty space.  On the other hand, quantum physicists are telling us that  matter isn’t nearly as solid as most believe it is.  For starters, atoms are not little balls of solid particles, but are bits of energy spinning around other bits of energy.  The sub-atomic particles are not really particles, just bits of vibrating energy or light.  In short, they are saying that the material universe that appears to be so solid is just a hologram, a very complex matrix of light.  Some people, including some scientists, find that hard to believe, but the evidence to back up those theories is growing.
    It’s hard to believe when you are watching olympic curling on TV, for example, that those rocks smashing into each other are just big balls of light, but that is what quantum mechanics theorizes.  Further, they say that, to a large extent we as a whole have a considerable amount of control on how that light matrix appears and how it behaves.  So if we collectively believed that when one of those rocks hits another one, it would just pass harmlessly through it because they are both just balls of light, that is what would happen.  It may sound impossible, but when you really look at it on a sub-atomic level, that rock is barely any more solid than air, yet it passes right through the air, so ,is that because the air is really different, or because we believe that it is?  Something to think about.


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