A popular TV commercial for insurance informs us that breaking up a relationship is hard to do so they will do it for you by telling your old insurance company that you have switched.
    We all have difficulty saying goodbye to the past, at least the parts of it that we enjoy.  As we develop spiritually, our past friends and habits often need to change along with us changing.  Some of our friend from the past simply don’t fit in with our new life.  Some of our old habits such as poor nutrition, partying the night away, etc need to change also.  Some of this happens automatically, but sometimes, we are reluctant to let go.  We try to cling to those habits and friends that are no longer relevant to where we are now and, by doing so, we limit our ability to grow.  For a while, this is acceptable, but eventually, we need to give up those things that are holding us back or we will not grow.  This doesn’t mean we can never have fun, do silly things, or speak to those old friends, but we need to limit it.  Eventually, we will simply loose the desire for those things and those people and have new desires and new friends.


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