Rules and Randomness

    Many today believe that the universe is random.  That evolution is just the result of many random mutations, most of which don’t last long, but the beneficial ones, those that help a species survive, do last.  But that simply isn’t the case.  
    Chickens never lay snake eggs.  Whales never give birth to sharks.  Kudzu vines never burst out in rose buds.  Further, if it really was random, sometimes things would go backward.  The modern horse would occasionally give birth to a primitive horse.  A dog would sometimes give birth to a few wolf cubs.  But that never happens, because it really isn’t random.  The very statements that beneficial mutations survive indicates that there are rules.  
    The same is true of the universe in general.  Scientists can study stars and estimate when one is going to go nova.  They can calculate how much the sun will pull on a spaceship in order to control it’s speed and path.  If gravity changed arbitrarily, that would be impossible and space flight would be impossible.  They could not even calculate how much thrust a rocket would need to take off if everything was random.
    So, in short, the random fantasy simply doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.  There are rules, natural laws, patterns that can be relied upon.  And if there are rules, laws and patterns, than there is guidance and organization and that means some form of intelligence.  It may not prove that a Supreme Being exists, but it does prove that some intelligent guidance is in the universe.  You can’t have rules without it.


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