Random Thoughts 8-30-2009

The second anniversary of this blog will be on September third.  I’ll have more to say about it then.

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And while I’m tooting my own horn, thanks to those who voted for me for a Blogger’s Choice award.
There is still almost two months left to vote this year.

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

I am saddened by the lose this week of Senator Ted Kennedy.  While some may not agree with his politics, we should all be able to agree that his heart was in the right place which was helping people rather than helping greedy corporations.

Wild and Wacky News:

A professional sumo wrestler, one of those guys big enough to stuff us average guys down a toilet if he wanted to,  refused to take a bus to training camp for fear of getting H1N1 Swine flu.

About 1700 prison inmates got economic stimulation checks from the U. S. Government because the government records didn’t reflect the fact that they were in prison.  Wouldn’t an address that started with something like “… Maximum Security Facility” kind of give it away?


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