Negative Creative Visualization

    One part of creative visualization I haven’t covered yet is negative creative visualization.  I don’t mean using visualization to help negative things happen (although we all tend to do some of that subconsciously anyway), but rather visualizing things in an unattractive or undesirable way to discourage them from happening.  For example, the weight lose book “The Gabriel Method” recommends using this idea to overcome cravings, so, if you have a weakness for  chocolate chip cookies, you could visualize yourself eating some then getting sick when you discover the chocolate chips were actually dead bugs.  If you find yourself unable to avoid your cravings for potato chips, you could visualize factory workers chopping up potatoes with worms in them to make the chips (not that I’m suggesting that is the truth about making potato chips — It’s not.)  The idea is to make those things unattractive so you won’t crave them.  
    With spiritual development, this can be used along with positive images.  If you find yourself spending too much time on materialistic activities that are preventing your spiritual development, you can visualize something undesirable happening when you do that.  It should be based on what you personally find undesirable.  If, for example, you realize that you are spending too much time watching television, but can’t seem to quit and you have a fear of spiders, you could visualize that while your glued to the TV, big, mean spiders are sneaking up on you.  Of course, the most obvious one, and the truest, is to imagine you die without developing your spiritual side and can’t go to heaven.  Sadly, that one really happens all too often.


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