Arts and Artists

    One thing that struck me on my recent trip to Greece was that much ancient art, in Greece, Rome and other ancient civilizations, is just as good as the art of some of the finest Renaissance artists.  Yet, while the subject of many of these ancient statues is known, the artist is not.  It seems like artists in those days were considered little more than crafts people, the same as a carpenter or basket weaver.
    This lack of respect for arts and artists seems to be returning to our modern society with music and art classes often being the first to get dropped when schools need to make cutbacks.  This is unfortunate because a little study of history will reveal that artists are usually spiritual people and very spiritual people often show talent for some arts.  Even just studying art helps people become more spiritual because being creative is being spiritual.  With God already banned from public schools, eliminating art programs just makes for a less spiritual, more materialistic student body and faculty which means less ethics and morals and more violence and a “me me me” attitude.


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