Scripture: The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

They do not accept for themselves the nobility of the truth,  hating the one for whom they exist, and loving the one for whom they do not exist. For they did not know the Gnosis  of the Greatness, that it is from above and (from) the fountain of truth, and it is not from slavery and jealousy and love of worldly matter. For that which is not theirs and that which is theirs they use fearlessly and freely. They do not desire, because they have authority, and a law from themselves over whatever they will wish.

Many do not except the truth of a spiritual world and the existence of the soul and a spiritual God.  They believe only in material things and believe there is no God or that God is a material being also.  Worshiping the god of the material world is worshiping a false god, the one for whom you don’t exist spiritually.  This is primarily caused by ignorance, a lack of gnosis (knowledge) of the greatness of the true God and the everlasting spiritual world.  Those who open themselves and develop their spiritual side so they do gain this knowledge do not have that problem.  They don’t have to believe or have faith that God is real, they know.


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