When I was six or seven, I burned my leg playing where I shouldn’t have been playing.  It was only a second degree burn, yet it left a scar that is still visible today.  Physical injuries can leave invisible scars as well, for example, a near drowning when your young may result in a fear of water later.  
    Physical injuries are not the only way we get scars.  We also get mental and emotional scars.  These are the scars that happen when we are hurt emotionally or are criticized or rejected mentally.  It may be getting rejected by someone you find attractive.  It may be an art teacher who criticizes your art work to the point where you lose interest in art.  It may even be ourselves because we may expect our first efforts at something to be successful and, when the are not, we give up on that idea.  The world is full of people who had dreams of greatness and gave up on them, often because of emotional or mental scars.
    Scars can also hamper our spiritual development.  We may have learned that the preacher in our childhood church was a fraud or a hypocrite and get mental scars regarding religion.  We may start to doubt God when we lose a loved one.  Or we may just let materialists and Atheists convince us that we shouldn’t worry about such things until we are dead.  These, and many similar types of scars can hamper our spiritual development so we need to try to get rid of them.  To do this, we have to honestly examine ourselves on a regular basis to determine what emotional and mental scars are holding us back, then try to get rid of them by talking to ourselves in a simple, logical why, about why we should change out scar-created beliefs and attitudes.


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