In some foreign counties, the CIA has to bribe people to provide information.  In rural areas where cash is often meaningless bits of paper, they may offer a goat, pig or horse for information.  In this weeks news there is a new one from Afghanistan.  They are now giving Viagra to some tribal leaders in exchange for information about the Taliban and other terrorists.

A big story in the news this past week was the water main break in Bethesda, MD that flooded a street during morning rush hour causing some to have to be rescued from their cars by helicopter.  Ironically, the street that was flooded is River Road.

While oil and gas prices have dropped quite a lot since the summer highs of four dollars a gallon, or more, it seems that people are not falling for the bait and rushing to start using a lot of gas again.  Some of that is undoubtedly due to many being unemployed and others fearing that they soon will be unemployed also, but I think (hope) that at least some of it is because people are finally waking up and are not going to fall into those traps again.

Dumb Crime:

Police these days are catching some car thieves by planting cars with cameras and tracking devices to temp the crooks.  Recently one guy stole one of those bait cars.  It wasn’t difficult for the police to find him and identify him.  The camera got a good picture of his neck where his name and phone number were tattooed.

In Religion:

The Guinness Book record for the longest continuous chanting by a religious group is unknown.  That is because monks at the Shri Bala Hanuman temple in India started chanting on August 1, 1964 and haven’t stopped yet!


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