Random Thoughts-11:30:2008

Isn’t it strange that the people who act most like wild animals are the ones who most insist they are superior to animals?

Black Friday is living up to the name, but not in the sense retailers meant it.  A young Walmart employee trampled to death by the mob when he opens the doors.  Especially in a big city, the job of opening the doors on Black Friday should not be done by some young employee.  This is not a job for the new guy.  It should be done by two armed guards with guns drawn.  Of course, it would also help if the stores didn’t insist on having those super specials for the first 100 or 200 customers when they know there will be a thousand or more waiting to get in.  Personally, I do nearly all of my shopping online.

Many financial advisers are recommending people buy few, if any, Christmas gifts this year.  While I applaud the effort to get Christmas back to it’s origin as a religious holy day, I think those who have the money (not credit cards) to buy gifts, should.  It will only make the economy worse if we stop buying.

Strange Crime:

In Massachusetts, police are trying to figure out who left a piano in the woods, set up like it is ready to be played, and in good tune.

The head of the Tokyo Police Drunk Driving division was busted a few days ago — for drunk driving.

Quote of the week:

Buy a pup and your money buys love unflinching that cannot lie.
Rudyard Kipling


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