Finding Treasure

    Finding buried treasure or treasure on sunken ships isn’t easy and there is no guarantee you will find it.  One thing is certain, you won’t find it if you don’t look, unless it found by accident like when digging a hole for the basement of a new building.  Nevertheless, some treasure hunters spend years and a great deal of money trying to find treasures.  
    The greatest treasure of all is eternal life.  There are billionaires who would gladly give all of their fortune to get it.  Unfortunately for them, eternal life is not something you can buy and the physical body can never be eternal anyway.  Only the spirit and soul can be eternal and you get eternal life by the awakening and growing of your  soul while you are still in the material world.   The odds of your awakening your soul by accident are very slim.  Worse than the odds of winning the state lottery.  
    If you want eternal life you have to seek it out like a treasure hunter looking for treasure.  You have to follow the tried and true methods of developing the spirit and soul and when you are ready, God will send his Light to awaken it.  While there have been a few very rare cases of people awakening without this spiritual development, it is much too rare to just hope it happens to you.  You have to learn to increase your chances of spiritual awakening by getting the help of a reliable spiritual teacher.


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