Random Thoughts 8-31-2008

When I first saw the list of tropical storms names for this year, I thought Gustav and Josephine would be the
most likely ones to become major storms.  It’s looking like I was right about Gustav.  As I write this on August 29th, it is expected to become a major hurricane.

An interesting post on another blog about the Sun of Righteousness

Some interesting new photos on Roger Weld’s Photo blog, including some from a recent Native American ceremony.

Weird World of Crime & Criminals:

Remember that guy in Austria who kept his daughter and the children he fathered by her locked in the basement for 24 years?  He had the audacity to complain to jail officials last month that he needed daily exercise outside because he couldn’t stand to be cooped up all day.

In July, a man tried to rob a coffee shop in Louisiana.  To get the clerk to open the cash registered, her ordered two donuts and gave her $5 to pay for them.  When she open the register, he pulled out a gun and ordered her to give him the money.  The clerk started screaming hysterically which frightened the crook so bad he ran off without the money or the donuts.

More Fun with Guns:

A woman in California shot herself in the knee while trying to shoot a mouse in her trailer.

Another shot herself in the foot while chasing a woodchuck in her garden.

And a man shot himself in the hand while trying to shoot bees!


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