Big Bob’s Banquet

    Big Bob had done very well in business.  Now that he was retired, he decided to have a banquet and invite all the people in the small town where he lived.  Over 500 were invited.  Big bob hired two of the best caterers in the area to supply the food and a respected string quartet to provide music.  Bob thought the banquet would be a big hit.
    The night of the party arrived and Bob was pleased that all the preparations had gone smoothly.  Soon, however, the problems started.  Not many people were arriving for the party.  And protesters were making a commotion outside.  
    The vegans were complaining that Bob had meat on the menu (although vegetarian dishes were available).  Dieters complained that Bob was encouraging people to overeat.  Some were complaining that Bob should have given the money to charity instead of having a party.  Some just felt they didn’t have time to be bothered.  And on it went.  Essentially, complaining that the free banquet they were offered was not what they wanted.
    Bob was a little disappointed, but he didn’t despair.  There was plenty of food and fun for the folks who did accept his invitation.  Bob enjoyed meeting many of them and talking to them.  To him, it was a success.  Not an overwhelming success, but a success none the less.
    As for the protesters and scoffers, they missed a great party, and didn’t get what they wanted.

God invites us all to join his banquet, the greatest of all where the reward is eternal life in Heaven.  Many don’t accept the invitation.  Too busy.  And anyway, they would rather have a new car.


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