Speading up Entropy

    Entropy, the tendency of things in nature to move from order to disorder, structured to disorganized, is a well known scientific principle.  Iron rusts.  Wood burns.  Leaves fall off the tree and decay.  Do humans have any effect on entropy?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes and , for the most part, we are increasing it.
    When we kill a young, healthy tree to make lumber, we increase entropy.  When we pave over a field to make a parking lot, we are increasing the entropy.  When we dig up metals, minerals and chemicals from the earth where, among other things, they help keep the magnetic fields of the planet in balance, we increase entropy.  And the most obvious of all, when we burn oil, gas, coal and wood we are increasing entropy.
    I don’t suggest we stop heating our homes, or move into caves, but there are some things we can do to reduce our contribution to entropy. 

  • We can leave natural things alone as much as possible.  Leave some fields full of wild grasses and flowers instead of plowing it and planting gardens.
  • Use fences and repellents to keep wild animals out of you garden instead of poison.
  • Recycle more of the things we use.
  • Avoid using disposable diapers, razors, etc.
  • Sell, donate, or get rid of things you no longer need.  Storage warehouses full of excess personal belongings are becoming as common as convenience stores.
  • Grow shade trees around your house and you won’t use as much air conditioning in the summer.

     In general, we all need to think more about what we do and what we buy and the effect on ourselfs, others, and the world.


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