Electric Cars

    I briefly mentioned in a previous post that I had sent in my deposit for a Tango T100 electric car and why.  I decided to elaborate on it.  
    I think electric cars make more sense than a hybrid because even a hybrid that gets 50 or 60 miles to a gallon still need gas.  And if, in addition to gas prices going up twenty or twenty-five percent a year, we also have a gas shortage like we did two decades ago where we had to sit in line for three or four hours only to be told: “Sorry, our allotment for the day is gone.  Try again tomorrow”, then you don’t want to be driving a vehicle that needs gas.
    An electric car won’t sit in line waiting for gas.  It doesn’t use any gas.  Yes, the price of electricity will go up when the price of oil goes up, but usually not as much.  And the electric companies have many options on how they produce electricity: coal, oil, natural gas, wind, water, solar, hydrogen, and others.  But no matter what fuels the electric company uses, you still charge your electric car the same way.  And electric cars use that energy fr far more efficiently than gas cars do.
    Not that electric cars don’t have problems.  Many of the currently available models are very expensive and can only go thirty to fifty miles between charges.  But over the next two or three years, several models will become available that are much more reasonably priced, can travel at highway speeds, and will be able to go 80 to 150 miles between charges with the newer, more efficient batteries.  And as solar cells improve, I think it likely that in a few years you will be able to recharge the electric car with a solar cell array small enough to set on the roof when your parked.  Another problem for some is that electric cars are usually small and most are designed to be second cars, a commuter car for going to work and running short errands, but not for hauling loads or taking two big dogs to the vets, or a load of kids to a soccer game. 

    Now let’s look at some of the models currently being offered.

Tesla which looks good but sells for around $50,000

Th!nk which will soon be available

Tango, my favorite.  The T100 model planned for next year has a suggested price at this time of $18,700
which makes it one of the least expensive, but it can also go fast enough for highway driving.


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