Scripture: Manichaean Psalms

From: A Song From the Manichean Psalms of Heracleides

Mary, Mary, Know me,
but do not touch [me],
[Dry] the tears of your eyes,
and know that I am your master,
and do not touch me,
for I have not yet seen my father’s face.

Cast this sadness away
and perform this service.
Be my messenger to these lost orphans.
Hurry, with joy, go to the eleven.

Rabbi, my master, I shall carry out your instructions
with joy in my whole heart.
I shall not let my heart rest,
I shall not let my eyes sleep,
I shall not let my feet relax
until I bring the sheep to the fold.

This song starts with the resurrected Jesus talking to Mary Magdalen (or Magdala), and sending her to get the apostles and give them the news and to get them to return to the tasks Jesus gave them as “fishers of men”.
Mary’s reply shows such devotion and dedication, it is no wonder she was a favorite.


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