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Dumb criminals for the week.
This week we had two real winners.  Is there a lot of sunspot activity this week, or is it a full moon?
Anyway, dumb criminal number one just got out of prison so he tries to hijack a car in the prison parking lot!
He got caught of course and his explanation was that he didn’t feel like walking.
If that’s not dumb enough for you, here’s dumb crook # 2.  This guy tried to rob a store but the clerk told him he didn’t have the combination to open the safe, only the boss could do that.  So the crook left his phone number and told the clerk to call him when the boss got in.  The crook actually returned when he was called to find that the cops were waiting for him.  Sometimes I think these guys want to get caught so they can get a few months free room and board.  But maybe they really are dumber than a root vegetable.

Dogs and cats do not run around naked.  They wear fur.  Even short haired dogs are dressed more modestly than the guys in those spandex bike shorts.  And the ballet dancers.  I think some of the guys I see in the adds in this area for the Manassas Dance Company are really just wearing body paint.

In January, a man in California was seriously injured when he crashed his car.  He wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  Fortunately, he did have enough sense to strap in his twelve-pack or beer, so the beer escaped uninjured.  You gotta have priorities.

An interesting article on the Huffington Post about an undergoing paradigm shift in corporate hiring and job definitions.


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  1. Reverend Harold Boulette says:

    I hadn’t thought about it in terms of seasons, but it makes sense that more would want to get caught in the winter.

  2. rosie says:

    I love the dumb criminal stories. I think there’s a lot of truth in that theory that some of them really try to get caught. I don’t know what the statistics are. I wonder if we have a higher crime and arrest rate during the winter than the summer. Hey free bed, free food, free counseling, free medical care, free prescriptions, free education and some even get conjugal visits! Gees, they have it better than us working slobs. I can see why some would want to get caught. Especially if you don’t mind being Big BuBu’s girlfriend.

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