Why Doesn’t God Do Something?

    Many people ask that question, silently or out loud.  “Why doesn’t God stop the war?”, “Why doesn’t God stop the floods?”.  
    Pestilence, famine, disease, financial problems, crazy politicians.  We want God to fix it all.  Why doesn’t He?
The answer is complicated.
    Many of our problems we cause ourselves, by our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions.  They all have a powerful effect on the world around us.  God wants us to learn from out mistakes.  We won’t learn much if he jumps in to correct the problems every time we create one.  When we do something stupid, we need to learn there are consequences.
    Sometimes God doesn’t solve the problem because a majority of people involved don’t want him to.  Subconsciously, we like to think we can solve all of the problems ourselves.  That is what got the fallen angels in trouble.
    Sometimes God is fixing the problem but, to us, the solution may look like another problem.
    Sometimes, God fixes a problem, but because He is operating outside the limits of time and space, while we are not, what may be an immediate fix to God, may take years, even decades, from out point of view.  It’s like if you have a large pot of cold water that you want to get hot.  You light a fire under it and the fire is there immediately, but it still takes time for the heat to spread into the water.  So God may fix a problem in the spiritual world, but it takes time for it to trickle down into the physical world.


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