The Essenes had indoor bathing facilities at Qumran and probably most other Essene settlements.  The Essenes would take a ritual bath early in the morning before going out for their morning prayers and techniques for spiritual development.  This is how the idea of Baptism got started.  The Essenes were also sometimes called “the Baptizers” because of these ritual baths.
    The Essenes didn’t do this just to cleanse their physical bodies.  They also used this bath time to cleanse the mind, psyche, and spirit as much as possible.  Just as it is hard to meditate when you have a toothache, it is hard to listen to God and his messenger angels when your mind is wandering all over the place.  Quieting the mind is almost impossible for a person to do, but if you learn to let go and let God do it, He can!
    The Essene settlements were also kept cleaner than most towns in those days.  When someone had to “go” they would just go the ditch on the side of the road to deficate or urinate and it was left in the open, probably causing many illnesses.  The Essenes always carried a small shovel with them, tied to their belt.  When they had to go, they would dig a hole and bury it.


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