What I learned from My Dogs

Take joy in simple pleasures, even when you are sick or in pain.
It can help you heal, or at least forget your problems for a while.

Do the best you can with what you’ve got instead of complaining
about what you don’t have.

Welcome loved ones home, even when they have only been gone for a short time.

Let others know how important they are to you and you will be important to them.

Don’t be embarrassed to seek aid or comfort from others. 
You will make them feel good by helping you.

It’s easier and more rewarding to make a new friend instead of an enemy.

Every living thing has something it can teach us.  We just have to be willing to be students.


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  1. Reverend Harold Boulette says:

    Thanks.  It’s easy when I can take plenty of time to think about what I want to write.  And a lot of it is from ideas that pop up in the middle of the night.  The so called “3 am epiphany”.  My poetry instructor, Carol Givner, liked this post also.  Her comment in the email to me said:

     I went over to
    Solar Wind to take a look, and I was immediately impressed by “What I
    Have Learned from My Dogs.”  I appreciate your thoughts in that poem.   I
    needed to affirm them today.

    A Zen teaching is when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I
    have learned from you already.

  2. Linda LeBrun says:

    What you write is amazing, all this comming out of you wow, and you are so quiet at Convocations, who would have known? lol
    Linda who never shuts up he he

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